Who is Hope Counselling Service?

Hope Counselling Service is a private counselling practice based in the Upper Hunter NSW, providing telehealth service (online/phone) by Melinda Timmons.

Melinda is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker (AMHSW) and qualified Counsellor with fifteen years experience providing therapeutic support to individuals.


Melinda holds a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of New South Wales, Sydney, as well as a Master of Counselling from the University of New England. Melinda has gained extensive experience working in both government and community based settings in Sydney, London and rural NSW.

Melinda is trained in a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including cognitive, behavioural, somatic and mindfulness based therapies. She uses an integrative approach tailored to your individual needs, with a focus on strengths, resilience and recovery.

Along with an interest in a wide variety of mental health related difficulties, Melinda has a strong interest in providing therapeutic support for the treatment of trauma and trauma-related difficulties, in particular complex trauma. Complex trauma is an ongoing or repeated experience of interpersonal trauma (between people) such as; physical, sexual, psychological abuse, violence, neglect or exploitation experienced at any stage of life (Blue Knot Foundation).


‘Trauma is not what happens to you; trauma is what happens inside of you as a result of what happens to you’ (Gabor Maté).

Professional Details:


Call or text 0403 065 254 or use the Contact page to start a conversation with Melinda.


This is a SAFE PLACE for people who identify as LGBTIQA+


Hope Counselling Service NSW acknowledges Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the Traditional Custodians of the land.and pays respects to them and their cultures, and to elders both past and present. We welcome all Aboriginal people visiting this website and this service

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